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SEO Consultant #1 SEO Expert in Lahore

SEO Consultant Lahore invests its dedicated expertise and time to make sure to take you to the top ranking.  In this respect, we have developed a refined process which covers every aspect of your SEO Campaign. We do not deal in old practices, we bring real tangible results. From start to technical issues, whether content or link building, SEO Expert in Lahore develops a holistic strategy based on scientific analysis. Keeping everything in place after being launched, you are just ready to go. Our team of SEO experts know well to ensure the optimum position consistently. SEO Consultant in Lahore facilitates you by devising the excellent SEO marketing plan. Our expertise employ in-depth methodologies that guide you to grab the actual target market and deliver ROI . OurSEO Consultancy in Lahore not just want to take you on the first page – but also to attain top ranking.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Select an SEO service to view custom SEO costs for your campaign

National SEO

Trying to rank your service or product keyword at the top of Google search engine ranking. National SEO is the strategy to get there!

Local SEO

Beating out your local competitors can make a huge difference for your business. Make sure your local business shows up with Local Pack (SEO).

E-commerce SEO

Selling online products? Ecommerce SEO is the long-term strategy and online reputation that keeps your warehouse busy!


Our SEO strategists have put together successful Digital marketing campaigns for Local SME businesses ranging from local restaurant to publicly traded companies. They’ll do the same for you. Request a free quote and experience why Logicman (Pvt) Ltd. is rated as the Pakistan’s best SEO agency.

WHAT DO OUR SEO Consultancy Services Include?

We, as SEO consultants in Lahore – Pakistan don’t believe in confining our SEO services to keyword research, competitor research, website analysis or content optimization. We go deep down to the roots of your business to identify the problem areas and implement desired strategies from a huge pool of our on page, off page, and technical SEO optimization techniques. The SEO services we offer are tailored to the needs of the clients. We promise only what we can deliver ethically and lay foundation for profit oriented growth of your business.

Here’s all we do & you can choose from to get your website to the top results of SERP:

✅ Website audit & analysis
✅ Competitive Research
✅Optimization & promotion of more than 3  
✅ Websites Scientific keyword research and analysis
✅ Original, relevant and keyword based content
✅ Informational content social sharing
✅ Creating sitemaps, maintaining and editing websites
✅ Link building & management
✅ Keyword optimization of social media content

SEO is the Key in Being Found Online

SEO Consultant Lahore elaborates the arena of online marketing where you find so many players in the contest, it is pretty mandatory to have online presence. SEO Consultant in Lahore will fetch organic traffic straightly to your site. Gone are the days when you sit back to avail the traffic after developing the site. If your existence is not recognized by the market, there is no way to get all the sales of your online business which is deeply concluded by SEO Expert in Lahore. If your position at google page is lagging behind, it definitely hurts your traffic. If you market excellent products being a seasoned marketeer, you are advised to be  found live all the time since your do the business. SEO Specialist Lahore is the only SEO consultancy in Lahore that will lead your site to the top by initializing cutting edge tools and techniques that are following the google instructions properly. 

Why You Should Hire an SEO Consultant​

You should try to be number one on the google search which is challenging one. SEO Consultant in Lahore takes that challenge and strive hard to make it possible . If you do your SEO by your own, it diverts your concentration from the major business operations in process and taking time away from other activities that is supposed to be your domain. That is where SEO Specialist in Lahore come into play to excel your brand go ahead of the competition. Most of the companies always wonder that why SEO expert is necessary. SEO Expert Lahore helps you easily manage your business to get the optimum revenue. Executing a business is a multidimensional activity to keep the right balancing against the already allocated budget and its needs. 

Best SEO Expert is Here

SEO Consultant in Lahore provides expert advice, professionally well thought out in such a way to meet your business needs. SEO Expert Lahore concentrates on what is vital and provide solution to attain  business goals using the best SEO Tools and digital marketing practices. As a seasoned SEO Specialist in Lahore, We know that there is not any single tool to rely on. SEO Consultant in Lahore spends a sizable time to have all the details of your site and links hence you can have worthy advice. We carefully train and develop our team chosen to secure your business at every single moment by not putting anything on chance.  SEO Expert Lahore helps you easily manage your business to get the optimum revenue. Executing a business is a multidimensional activity to keep the right balancing against the already allocated budget and its needs. 

SEO Consultancy Helps in the Followings

🔷 site architecture
🔷 internal linking strategy
🔷 keyword research and competitive analysis
🔷 topical analysis
🔷 SEO best practices & site audits
🔷 on-page tuning for maximum benefits from Panda
🔷 local search optimization
🔷 white-hat link-building strategies
🔷 pagination and duplicate content issues
🔷 canonical configuration
🔷 XML sitemaps
🔷 page speed analysis and recommendations
🔷 Yoast WordPress SEO plugin configuration
🔷 semantic markup via


we transform your problems into digital solutions

If you are searching for digital marketing consultant for a short or a longer-term services, it is our pleasure to serve your business. Our goal is to work, analyze your popped up problems, and assess competition and to design a strategic plan. Our professionals will implement that plan. Our approach is based on data sciences and we make plans after in-depth research and analysis. Our team will work with all level of management without keeping into consideration any seniority level. If you feel the need to train your junior executives, we are there to help you in this regard.

A tactical plan outlines the steps that a business could take, across a range of digital channels, to drive growth and achieve their goals.

Our specialists will work with you to deliver tailored workshop sessions for your team in order to help educate and upskill on a variety of topics.

 A digital re-alignment strategy outlines the steps that a business can take in order to adopt a digital first approach. we apply digital realigning to make an order.   

Identify the objectives and resources available by working with our consultants to drill down into what your business actually needs in order to achieve its goals. 

Develop a strategy that aligns with your goals and form a blueprint designed to help integrate digital marketing into your wider business strategy. Leverage our experience to develop a detailed plan.

Working together to ensure maximum performance, we’ll liaise with stakeholders across your business to ensure everyone “buys in” to the strategy. Everyone understands our smooth strategy. 

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