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Now you have to get confused with who needs to outsource your project, be it a freelance SEO expert in Lahore or an SEO agency expert in Lahore. If Yes, stop looking for more, you’ve come to the right place. Hire a dedicated SEO expert in Lahore who will give you the best results and will also save you time and money. I am USMAN SAEED and a leading independent Best SEO expert in Pakistan. With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing & SEO. I have worked with many clients from diverse backgrounds and industries. When you came here with a search engine, you saw that my website already occupies a prominent place. So don’t just believe in the lanterns to see the results too.
I am not showing my success here, all I want is to give a single message. Search engine optimization is not as difficult as space science. It is just a practice that involves time and improvements over time. SERP is likely to rank any keyword with good marketing, strategy and planning skills. Hire an SEO expert to help you with an excellent SEO strategy and show you their past project rankings. Dedicated SEO expert offers a full time SEO expert in Lahore for business. Our team is highly qualified and has practical experience in different SEO segments. We are proud to offer a high quality optimization service on and off the page. We are not just limited to SEO. We also provide services such as SEM, PCC, image ads, YouTube ads, Facebook marketing, etc.

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Best SEO Expert & Consultant in Lahore

To achieve all of the above objectives, you must hire an SEO expert who not only optimizes your site, but also improves your website’s ranking on the desired keyword. Is a well-known SEO expert in Lahore? You can hire him today for all your online marketing needs and get the best search engine optimization solution for your website. Its organic SEO services in Lahore help you get quality traffic without spending a single penny on paid advertising networks such as Google AdWords, PPC, Facebook ads, etc.

Reliable SEO Services:

Our team is highly competent with the latest search engine optimization techniques. We believe in white SEO and we are known for providing organic SEO services in Lahore. Thanks to our excellent SEO expert services in Lahore, we have ranked many sites at the top of the search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Stimulate Business Growth

We focus on customer demand and fulfill all of their obligations on time. We drive business growth by reaching the right customer at the right time. Our results-based SEO strategies allow us to turn visitors into end customers.

Guaranteed SEO Results:

We optimize your site both on and off the page by analyzing the ranking factors of your competitors, the target audience and the source of lead generation. These activities allow us to ensure that the website gets the result of our intensive efforts.

Nationwide Presence

Dedicated SEO expert offers a full time SEO expert in Lahore for business. Our team is highly qualified and has practical experience in different SEO segments. We are proud to offer a high quality optimization service on and off the page.

Our SEO Services Pricing Starting From

Our Clients

What We Offer as a Top SEO Expert/Consultant in Pakistan

Digital Marketing Services

Ranking By SEO is a leading digital marketing company based in Pakistan. If you are looking for a full service digital marketing agency, we are the right people. Our digital marketing packages include professional SEO, social media marketing, PPC, Google Maps marketing, SEO for small businesses, etc. Our price is very competitive.

Leading SEO Services

Ranking By SEO offers affordable SEO services for individuals, small businesses and businesses. As each company has different needs, we offer personalized services to our customers. We are the best SEO company in Pakistan and we have served over 5000 clients. Our professional SEO experts are able to create personalized SEO plans based on intelligent keyword research and competitive analysis.

Link Building Services

Creating a link is a difficult and time-consuming task. But it is important for SEO optimization. Ranking By SEO is the leading SEO company in Pakistan. We not only focus on quality link building service, but we also help our customers to get backlinks from authorized websites. Either way, we provide full SEO optimization in Pakistan and over 80 countries. We have over 10 years of experience in the same field with excellent foundations for building premium links.

Pay Per Click Management

If you want to generate qualified leads quickly, pay per click advertising is the right tool. Ranking By SEO is a Pakistani leader in pay per click management. We have helped various clients achieve their marketing goals through PPC ads. Our results-oriented PPC management packages, our advertising campaigns will increase your brand awareness and increase sales.

Reputation Management Services

Online reputation is very important because 81% of people research online before deciding. To make a good first impression, you need to have a sharp image, which is not always possible. The reasons may be unhappy customers, grumpy ex-employees or anyone else. We are a leading dental reputation management company in Pakistan. We will help you get a sharp picture online quickly.

Social Media Marketing Services

We are one of the leading social media marketing companies in Pakistan. Whether you want to promote your brand or sell your products via social media, our experts will create an effective social media marketing plan for you. If you want to hire a results-based social media agency, Ranking By SEO is the right partner.

SEO Services Pricing & Packages in Lahore

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Competitor Analysis
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No limit Keywords
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Free Website Content Maintenance
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#1 SEO Expert & Consultant Roles & Responsibilities

Understanding Client Goals & Objectives

  • Asking the right questions
  • Page Sections to be linked to from above Table of Contents

Website Audit: Identify State of Current Website

  • Navigation & URL Structure
  • Sitemaps
  • Content
  • Layout / User Experience
  • Website Speed & Other Technical Factors

Identify Terms for which a Website Should be Ranking

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Current Keyword Rankings Report

Backlinks: Analyze Current Backlink Profile

  • Poor Quality Backlinks
  • Build Good Quality Backlinks

Identify Client’s Website Ranking Potential vs Competitor Websites

  • Size of Website
  • Backlink Comparison

Monthly Review of Analytics & Company Goals

  • Google Analytics & Metrics Analysis
  • Page Sections to be linked to from above Table of Contents

#1 SEO Consultant & Expert in Lahore

SEO Consultant Lahore invests its dedicated expertise and time to make sure to take you to the top ranking. In this respect, we have developed a refined process which covers every aspect of your SEO Campaign. We do not deal in old practices, we bring real tangible results. From start to technical issues, whether content or link building, SEO Expert in Lahore develops a holistic strategy based on scientific analysis. Keeping everything in place after being launched, you are just ready to go. Our team of SEO experts know well to ensure the optimum position consistently. SEO Consultant in Lahore facilitates you by devising the excellent SEO marketing plan. Our expertise employ in-depth methodologies that guide you to grab the actual target market and deliver ROI . Our SEO Consultancy in Lahore not just want to take you on the first page – but also to attain top ranking.

Our SEO strategists have put together successful Digital marketing campaigns for Local SME businesses ranging from local restaurant to publicly traded companies. They’ll do the same for you. Request a free quote and experience why Logicman (Pvt) Ltd. is rated as the Pakistan’s best SEO agency.

What to look in SEO Consultant/Expert?

Proven history of SEO success
An SEO expert should have case studies on how he has helped businesses increase their organic traffic by ranking their website in the search engine.

Well-balanced and perceptual knowledge
An SEO expert must understand the psychology of the target audience; You should have knowledge of website design and development, social media, web analytics, content, products, viral marketing, business models and more. Linking all aspects of marketing will help create strategies that will benefit long-term results.

What aspect of SEO to focus on?
An SEO expert should focus on the three aspects of search engine optimization which are technical, on-page and off-page optimization for maximum success.
SEO Expert promises number one ranking in google
If a SEO consultant / expert guarantees you the number one position in Google, consider it a red flag. Only the search engines control the ranking. SEO Expert can only influence through SEO best practices.

Do you have customers in conflict with your business?
This question is ignored by most business owners and marketing teams. An expert in ethical referencing will not work with clients who have the same business.

What Our SEO Consultancy Services Include?

We, as SEO consultants in Lahore – Pakistan don’t believe in confining our SEO services to keyword research, competitor research, website analysis or content optimization. We go deep down to the roots of your business to identify the problem areas and implement desired strategies from a huge pool of our on page, off page, and technical SEO optimization techniques. The SEO services we offer are tailored to the needs of the clients. We promise only what we can deliver ethically and lay foundation for profit oriented growth of your business.
So let me tell you about my personal experience, since I worked in agencies. They worked with the same method and the same technique for each type of industrial project. He uses old tactics for each project, they just prepare a lot of reports to show clients and they do unnecessary work that is not necessary. Just do it to cheat customers and increase customer budgets. This is why I quit my job and started my career as a freelance SEO expert at Lahore. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss your project.
SEO works for each industry in a different way. There are different strategies for each industry. Like wedding planning strategies, the website will not work with travel websites. I am an SEO expert who understands this personally and works on each project as needed. Work to increase customers’ sales and prospects and decrease their budget. As an SEO expert, I don’t apply all strategies or techniques to every project, but I do strategies according to the project.

Why You Should Hire an SEO Consultant

You should try to be number one on the google search which is challenging one. SEO Consultant in Lahore takes that challenge and strive hard to make it possible . If you do your SEO by your own, it diverts your concentration from the major business operations in process and taking time away from other activities that is supposed to be your domain. That is where SEO Specialist in Lahore come into play to excel your brand go ahead of the competition. Most of the companies always wonder that why SEO expert is necessary. SEO Expert Lahore helps you easily manage your business to get the optimum revenue. Executing a business is a multidimensional activity to keep the right balancing against the already allocated budget and its needs.
SEO Consultant Lahore elaborates the arena of online marketing where you find so many players in the contest, it is pretty mandatory to have online presence. SEO Consultant in Lahore will fetch organic traffic straightly to your site. Gone are the days when you sit back to avail the traffic after developing the site. If your existence is not recognized by the market, there is no way to get all the sales of your online business which is deeply concluded by SEO Expert in Lahore. If your position at google page is lagging behind, it definitely hurts your traffic. If you market excellent products being a seasoned marketeer, you are advised to be found live all the time since your do the business. SEO Specialist Lahore is the only SEO consultancy in Lahore that will lead your site to the top by initializing cutting edge tools and techniques that are following the google instructions properly.

Best SEO Expert is Here

SEO Consultant in Lahore provides expert advice, professionally well thought out in such a way to meet your business needs. SEO Expert Lahore concentrates on what is vital and provide solution to attain business goals using the best SEO Tools and digital marketing practices. As a seasoned SEO Specialist in Lahore, We know that there is not any single tool to rely on. SEO Consultant in Lahore spends a sizable time to have all the details of your site and links hence you can have worthy advice. We carefully train and develop our team chosen to secure your business at every single moment by not putting anything on chance. SEO Expert Lahore helps you easily manage your business to get the optimum revenue. Executing a business is a multidimensional activity to keep the right balancing against the already allocated budget and its needs.
If you are searching for digital marketing consultant for a short or a longer-term services, it is our pleasure to serve your business. Our goal is to work, analyze your popped up problems, and assess competition and to design a strategic plan. Our professionals will implement that plan. Our approach is based on data sciences and we make plans after in-depth research and analysis. Our team will work with all level of management without keeping into consideration any seniority level. If you feel the need to train your junior executives, we are there to help you in this regard.

What is the role & What does an SEO expert do?

The role of an SEO expert is constantly evolving. In fact, it evolves so fast that there are not many resources to progress in the classroom. Most of what I know, I have learned so much from history as being up to date on the subject.
A fact is constant within SEO, and it is this: it is closely related to traditional marketing and has added an incoming touch: SEO helps to find businesses on the Internet. No matter how the methods evolve and change (such as the Google and Bing algorithm, Yahoo, etc.), this will always be the goal and the number one task at hand. Staying up to date is a key factor in being an SEO expert.
My daily work often involves setting up local search profiles, submitting sites to Google for indexing, choosing when to index and when not, optimizing page speed, optimizing usability, choosing keywords to bid in my niche, and a good Old-fashioned research and experimentation. 🙂
The search engine optimization specialist (or SEO specialist) is someone who analyzes a client’s website and implements the changes necessary to be optimized for search engines. Search engine optimization specialists can be company employees, individual consultants, or work for an SEO consultancy. These specialists know how to write a specific SEO copy and have in-depth knowledge of keyword research. Whether a business (large or small) depends on web traffic for sales or marketing, hiring a search engine optimization specialist is the key to a business’s success and profitability.

What should I look for in a SEO consultant? 

There are many things you can look for in an SEO consultant, as if you want to do business online or in any other way, then there are many things you can look for as an SEO consultant, such as the first things your business should know and present a plan. of how they work for your business and generate leads and sales.
SEO is a long process that takes time. Search engines update their ranking algorithm several times a year. Therefore, why the SEO techniques that worked last year may be outdated today. Therefore, you should know that the consultant you are hiring must be up to date.

  • Check projects which done.
  • Check what they provide.
  • Check what they work before and what they work for you now.
  • Check seo current strategies before ask them.
  • Ask them, what they know about current seo.
  • Is it provide designing too.
  • Is it provide mobile friendly website.
  • Is it provide ROI, if yes then ask them monthly or weekly basis.
  • They know google analytics & google webmasters.
  • They know google algorithms.
  • They have content writer.
  • They know social media optimization.

What are the responsibilities of an SEO consultant?

The SEO consultant is the person who helps to rank websites, build a brand and keep the business profitable. Many men around the world run a website-based business. SEO is the main factor behind the website ranking. When a web entrepreneur is having trouble ranking their sites, they go to the SEO consultant to find the solution and find out the exact reason why they are not ranking quickly, or why the site is losing traffic. An SEO consultant is a doctor who handles the processing of commercial websites.

As we know that Google is the primary source of traffic, selecting the right SEO expert / consultant will ensure that your business takes full advantage of this superior traffic source. If you want to know more about SEO, you can ask me a question or if you want to know how to hire me, click here.

  • The quality of the content and how customers interact with it
  • Which keywords are most important for that client
  • Page errors and problems with loading times
  • The amount and quality of other websites linking back to the client
  • Potential SEO violations that are incurring a penalty
  • Page authority, domain authority, and other metrics


The Importance of SEO Expert and Consultant in Pakistan

A well-informed and professionally designed website is necessary for any type of business or service. But what if the site is not visible online to the potential customer? Did you know that a higher ranking in Google search results can generate a lot of new business? Did you also know that Google loves optimized sites?


Put your business on the map, target ready to buy local customers easily; presenting your offering, address and phone numbers.


Boost your position on search engine rankings with video proving action speaks better than words.


Get people to pay attention with great content and succeed in communicating our message and call for action.


Reach out to your audience through thought-provoking creative ideas addressing their expectations planned strategically.


Get your move where you want it, Use Mover.

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