How To Transfer Money From Pakistan To USA Through Bank?

To transfer money from Pakistan to a bank account in the United States, you can use an international money transfer service offered by a bank in Pakistan. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to a bank branch that offers international money transfer services, such as Habib Bank Limited or Allied Bank Limited.
  2. Bring identification documents, such as a national ID card or passport, as well as the recipient’s bank account details, including their account number and routing number.
  3. Fill out a money transfer form and provide the necessary information, including the amount of money you want to send and the recipient’s bank account details.
  4. Pay the required fees and any applicable exchange rate charges.
  5. The bank will handle the transfer process, and the funds should be available in the recipient’s bank account within a few business days, depending on the bank and the destination country.

It is important to note that international money transfers can be subject to fees and exchange rate charges. It is also important to carefully compare different banks’ fees and exchange rates before initiating a transfer.

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