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Best SEO Services Company in Lahore Pakistan

#1 SEO Service’s Company in Lahore

SEO Services in Lahore provides customized services by utilizing latest technology, and analytical skills to achieve top rankings . We design a complete review of website by doing technical SEO and audits.

 SEO Services in Lahore provides customized services by utilizing latest technology, and analytical skills to achieve top rankings . We design a complete review of website by doing technical SEO and audits. SEO Company in Lahore makes sure what needs improvement after doing a complete analytics . We will put your brand upfront by providing our unique SEO tools and strategies. We are top notch SEO services agency being flexible enough to view market updates and trends. SEO Services in Pakistan always applies latest techniques to address new developments in the field of SEO. You always find unparalleled SEO Services in the field of digital marketing with perfect research & planning provided by Best SEO Comany in Lahore. The Professionals of SEO Expert in Lahore really understand your market need, audience and rightly develop marketing strategy to increase business growth and ROI


SEO Pricing & Packages in Lahore

SEO Silver
SEO Company in Lahore
This is Best SEO Services Company in Lahore
10 Keywords
On Page SEO (No Content Include)
Off Page SEO
Competitor Analysis
Industry Analysis
Keyword Research
Monthly Reporting
Local SEO
Website Audit Report
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SEO Platinum
SEO Services in Lahore
This is Best SEO Services Company in Lahore
No limit Keywords
On Page SEO
Guest Post Off Page SEO
Competitor Analysis
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SEO Optimize Content 10,000 Words
Montly Reporting
Social & Local Map Profile Setup
Website Audit Report
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Website Content Maintenance (Monthly Rs. 5,000)
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Why Choose Logicman (Pvt) Ltd. for SEO Services in Lahore

▶ Best performance mobile campaign in 2020 for SEO services provided to a leading educational portal.

▶ Best search marketing campaign in 2019 for SEO services provided to a leading Companies.

▶ Since 2018, for over 5 years, TopSEO, an international authority on SEO providers, has consistently qualified us among the leading integrated search marketing companies and SEO service companies in Pakistan.

▶ We have been a leading Google partner since 2018. This means that we are one of the top 50 PPC companies in Pakistan among the 4,000 digital marketing agencies that have partnered with Google.

▶ Customers Review ranked us as the best SEO and PPC company of the year in 2018.

▶ Our SEO professionals have decades of experience delivering results to customers and a solid understanding of the latest search engine optimization trends.

▶ With over 100 satisfied customers worldwide, we are proud to have one of the best records for successful SEO service delivery. Read all of our testimonials.

What we do in SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization maintenance

SEO Services in Lahore maintains all essentials of SEO in order to generate optimal results. In this regard,  SEO Services in Pakistan constantly monitors and applies link building, online social bookmarking, tweaking, article writing, press releases, SEO site based promotion, content creation, forum writing, and submission of your website, which SEO we can manage and maintain on your behalf. SEO Company in Lahore then send you a monthly report which will be discussed by SEO Consultant and account manager.  SEO Expert in Lahore spends time to maintain your website regularly until damage is satisfied. SEO Services in Lahore will update your site with the new offerings regarding your products and services.  Right after updating new products list , revise its pricing, and exclude all the products and services that are not offered by now. So that your customer may locate the desired information for buying your products and services.

Search Engine Optimization strategy

SEO Services in Lahore comprehensively designs research and analysis in the initial stage of SEO strategy. Once this has been completed, then professionals of SEO Services in Pakistan will establish a road-map that outlines the carefully crafted strategies according to your needs. SEO Expert in Lahore delivers improvements to your website’s search engine performance to show on page 1 of Google search. What type of paid advertising and where you advertise matters. Your language consistency in traditional advertisements will pose an impact on the organic rankings. SEO Company in Pakistan composes a strategic plan after analyzing your business in detail, keeping an eye on short and long-term goals as well as your leadtime and available resources & to develop a wayout to integrate marketing and promotional activities perfectly. SEO Services in Lahore will devise an exceptional SEO strategy to apply on your online platforms.

Complete seo audit

Our specialist SEO Consultants have developed a search engine audit report which is clearly laid out, easy to read, makes sense, and recognises what is and isn’t functioning for your website. The SEO Logicman Search Engine Audit Report will explain how to get your website on page 1 of Google.

Competitive Analysis

SEO logicman will extensively research and assess your competitors, with suggestions on SEO tactics to get your website onto page 1 of Google, and keep you there, above your competition. We do this through white hat techniques only, and never resorting to black hat tactics.

Keyword Research

In order to enhance your Search Engine Optimization of your site, you need to understand which specific keywords and phrases your desired customers will search for when pursuing a product or service you offer. We use various analytical tools for SEO and performs in depth research on hat keywords that are right for your particular business.

Technical Assessment

Our SEO always performs an in-depth technical assessment and report on the elements in your website that require attention or change. As part of our SEO strategy, the changes and adjustments our SEO team make to your website are then made at no additional cost. Our SEO services are technically renowned in the field of SEO.

Increase Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness​

Boosting up your expertise, authority, trustworthiness – is considered E-A-T in the quality rating instructions provided by Google – would be a major tendency of 2019. “Even though the E-A-T are introduced for Google’s algorithm raters, rather than Google’s algorithm itself. Latest SEOs start to understand that ‘quality’ comes with context. You cannot rank so easily writing authoritative content unless you are already an authority on a given subject.”

Voice Search Optimization | Future of SEO

A fatly growing trend of voice search optimization in the digital era of marketing, SEO services Lahore is among the few companies specialized in Voice Search SEO & Optimization. More and more people search via voice on their phones and home devices like Google Home or Amazon Echo (Alexa), and you must be optimized for it. At mobile devices, the searches are a conversation with a virtual assistant. SEO Services Lahore helps in facilitating artificial intelligence, powers voice search engines, and it becomes smarter with every conversation.  

The Search Engine Optimization Services we offer

Global and National SEO

We understand the importance of local and international customers. Therefore, we offer global and national SEO services in Lahore to our clients.

E-Commerce SEO Services

With the help of our leading and dedicated SEO services in Lahore, get the ranking of all your products that are there on your e-commerce sites and attract targeted traffic.

Online Reputation Management

Do you want to build a brand and create a positive digital presence online? Our professional SEO agency in Lahore will help you create an attractive online reputation.

Enterprise SEO Services

Our main SEO company in Lahore knows what your audience is looking for online. With us, take advantage of our skills to rank you at the top of search results.

Local SEO

If you have a large store on a popular street but it does not appear in local search results, you may be missing many leads. Avoid such situations with our best SEO services company in Lahore.

Content Marketing

As the best SEO company in Lhaore, we offer a comprehensive content plan for the digital marketing needs of your business. We research, generate ideas and create winning and user-friendly content for all marketing guarantees.

Off-Page SEO

Building a network of links is an art we constantly practice. With our affordable SEO services, get the list of businesses in the region, the creation and presentation of press releases, social bookmarking and much more!

Google Recovery Services

You no longer appear at the top of search results? Hire us to return to SERPs with our main Google Penguin recovery services.

Guest Posting

With our best SEO service company in Lahore, get guest blog publishing services. Get attractive blog posts that will surely make people think! Subtly promote your products with our SEO blog publishing service.

Below we present more detailed and detailed conclusions about our results.

  • Average monthly SEO expenses are <$ 500 per month
  • On average, small businesses spend $ 497.16 per month on SEO services.
  • However, we have discovered a wide range of SEO expenses. Half of our respondents reported that they spent less than $ 1,000 per year on SEO. 14% spend more than $ 5,000 per year. Only 2% spend more than $ 25,000 per year.
  • We also discovered that agencies tend to be much more paid than independent SEO providers.
  • Specifically, agencies were twice as likely to earn between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000 per month as independent professionals, who generally earned between $ 500 and $ 1,000 per month.
  • Agencies also tend to dominate the high-end price range (clients who spend between $ 10,000 and $ 25,000 a year on SEO).
  • As you can see, 24% of small businesses that work with agencies spend between 10,000 and
  • On the other hand, relatively few people find referral providers through online or offline advertising, or referrals from other providers (such as web designers or writers).
  • If you have an agency or an independent professional, this is a key finding. If you know where small business owners are looking for SEO service providers, you can invest resources to make sure your business is present in those places.
  • Remember: 28% of small business owners find word-of-mouth SEO services, 26% use Google and 18% use online review platforms such as Yelp. Only 11% find SEO providers through online or offline advertising.
  • Reputation and cost are key factors involved in choosing a provider
  • Once someone has found a list of potential suppliers, how do you decide who to choose?
  • We found that the reputation, cost and Google ranking of the provider had the greatest impact on their decision.
  • Small business owners indicated that the client case studies and the presence of the provider’s social network providers were significantly less important.
  • However, even these relatively minor factors have played a role in whether someone will work with a particular SEO provider. For example, 55% of our panelists cited the “references” as an important consideration.
  • Although the importance of withdrawals is comparable to the reputation of the claimant (55% versus 74%), however, it has influenced more than half of the people with whom we speak.
  • Interestingly, we found that the provider’s location was very important.
  • Only 51% knew exactly where their SEO provider was located.
  • However, 78% of small US companies said it was “extremely” or “very” important to know where their provider was located (46% said a known location was “extremely important”).
  • If you provide SEO services, clear and clear definition of your location can help you get more references.
  • This is an excellent example of Siege Media, which includes a photo of your office on its page about:
  • Keep in mind: Small business owners greatly choose an SEO provider based on their online reputation. The location also seems to play a role. 78% of the members of our panel pointed out that the location was a factor that helped them decide whether to work with an agency or an independent professional.
  • The vast majority of business owners expect SEO services to increase their customers and their traffic
  • We asked our panel about their expectations. Specifically, we asked them what benefits of working with an SEO provider were the most important to them.
  • They said “get access to new customers”, “increase traffic”, “increase brand awareness” and “create a climate of trust” as the most important.
  • Gaining followers from social networks,” “a growing number of email subscribers” and “helping attract new talent” were cited as relatively unimportant.
  • In fact, although this is a common goal set by marketing agencies, only 18% of respondents said it was extremely important to get followers on social networking sites.
  • This finding is particularly important for SEO providers who are acquiring new clients.
  • For example, a newly hired SEO provider who says: “Our first step will be to get more likes on your Facebook page” does not speak your client’s language.
  • On the other hand, the launch of the customer-supplier relationship with: “I hope I can help you obtain more specific traffic and customers” will probably result in a more satisfied customer.
  • Needless to say, for the relationship to last, you must keep those promises (more on that later). But it is useful to understand what customers expect from SEO so that they can model their services and reports on that basis.
  • Keep in mind: SEO clients appreciate the ability of an SEO provider to find new customers, increase their traffic and create brand awareness. However, only 18% of SEO clients want their suppliers to help them increase the number of their social networks.

Overall satisfaction with SEO services is low

  • First, we found that only 30% of small business owners would recommend their current SEO provider.
  • It is important to note that 30% of our respondents considered themselves as “detractors”. Which means they would leave a negative review to their latest or current SEO provider.
  • In fact, the SEO services sector as a whole has an NPS score of 0, considered “unlikely to recommend”.
  • When we broke down NPS scores between agencies, freelancers and a combination of freelancer and agency, we found that agencies had a higher average NPS score than freelancers.
  • However, all three service types had low NPS scores.
  • Key point: only 30% of customers would recommend their SEO provider.
  • Clients mention lack of education and resources as the main reasons for low satisfaction
  • NPS is a useful point of reference. However, NPS can only tell you a lot. In other words, it is difficult to understand why SEO services have such a low level of satisfaction.
  • That’s why we decided to go further in this discovery.
  • And when we dig deeper to understand more about what is happening, we discover surprising ideas.
  • First of all, many disgruntled SEO customers have been totally or partially blamed.
  • More specifically, 50% said “I need more training to take full advantage of SEO” and 28% told us that “they do not have sufficient resources to allow staff to benefit from SEO”.
  • This means that low levels of satisfaction are not only due to poor quality work. In fact, many clients are simply not able to profit from SEO because of lack of resources.
  • In addition, even resource-rich customers may not prioritize SEO because they do not have the training to understand the benefits of SEO.
  • For example, suppose a SEO provider wants to change a title tag on a customer’s site. But this does not happen because your developer is overwhelmed by the redesign of his website. In addition, this customer may not understand that this simple change may increase your Google traffic due to lack of training. So, do not make this change a priority. And progress stops.
  • This brings us to our second interesting finding, the importance of rapport and transparency.
  • 27% of clients we spoke with coincided with the following statement: “I think SEO is confusing and the services offered are not clear”, 25% said “I’m not sure what I’m paying for really with SEO “”
  • In other words, many customers do not know what their provider is doing for them or what they are getting from the deal.
  • These are two points that could be addressed with better information and greater transparency.
  • I want to point out that a lot of customers have said “I think SEO companies are not very reliable” and “I do not think SEO is worth it for my business”.
  • This means that a simple lack of results and return on investment is often the cause of low customer satisfaction.
  • However, as you have just seen, there are usually also factors that are not performance-based.
  • Key Aspect: The low satisfaction of SEO service is due in large part to three main factors: 1. lack of education of clients, 2. lack of available resources and 3. lack of understanding of how SEO works helps.
  • The turnover in the SEO services sector is extremely high.
  • Probably, due to the low levels of general satisfaction, we find high levels of income in the SEO services sector.
  • Specifically, we found that 65% of small business owners had previously worked with at least one SEO provider:
  • We also discovered that a quarter of our panel had worked with 3 or more providers:
  • However, our data suggests that most customers do not change from one SEO provider to another without careful consideration.
  • In fact, the clients of our panel work with their current SEO service for an average of 3 years. And past due customers give their service provider an average of two years before continuing.
  • Having said that, we have discovered a small subset of customers that quickly switch between different providers.
  • These “fast switches” tend to hire and fire SEO companies at a dizzying pace.
  • For example, we classify 10% of our panelists as “quick changes” (having worked with three or more SEO providers in the last year).
  • Remember: 65% of SEO clients have used two or more SEO services in the past. 25% worked with more than 3 providers.
  • Most SEO clients leave because of lack of results and costs.
  • We wanted to know why people decided to leave their current SEO provider or change their company.
  • We talked about people who worked with various SEO providers as “obsolete customers”. And we asked this subset of expired users what was in their decision.
  • Not surprisingly, 82% of respondents mentioned “dissatisfaction with commercial results” as a factor in their decision. 81% said that costs also played an important role.
  • This suggests that customers do not look at the results in a vacuum. They are also attentive to the return on investment generated by SEO. In other words, getting results for clients is one thing. But it is also important to demonstrate the return of SEO investment in your business. If not, they can leave.
  • Although lack of results and cost are the two most important factors, this is not the only reason why customers decide to stop working with an SEO provider.
  • In fact, 80% of unused customers said they had found a better option, which suggests that customers would be happy to look for an alternative to their current SEO provider.
  • And 34% mentioned the poor “customer service / responsiveness” in their decision.
  • However, relatively few clients have relied on “a competitor” to justify their departure. In other words, as long as your customers are satisfied, they are not likely to leave. This remains true even if a competitor tries to steal his client with a better offer.
  • We also asked our panelists “obsolete clients” to explain why they decided not to use an SEO service anymore. Here is an example of these answers:
  • We also asked a group of satisfied users of their SEO service (“Existing customers”) what they liked about it. This is what they told us:
  • Keep in mind: most customers stop using an SEO service due to lack of results, costs and searching for an alternative on their own.
  • Existing customers are twice as likely to be Web experts as failed customers
  • As you can see, 37% of referenced clients in the SEO industry see their vulnerability on the Web as “a little” or “not very”.
  • The result here is that many clients simply do not have the mind of the web to understand the key terms of digital marketing, such as “title tags”, “CSS” and “backlinks”. Which suggests that SEO companies should largely avoid this kind of jargon in favor of terms like “prospects”, “sales” and “first page Google rankings”.
  • In fact, this is corroborated by another finding of our panel: the fact that unused customers are much more likely to be considered non-sophisticated on the Web.
  • Specifically, we discovered that existing customers were twice as likely to see themselves as “extremely web savvy” than unused customers.
  • This suggests that expert users of the Web are better

Highlights and key statistics:

  1. Small businesses in Pakistan spend an average of $ 297.16 per month on SEO services.
  2. We found a strong correlation between the increase in spending and customer satisfaction. In fact, customers who spent more than $ 500 per month were 53.3% more likely to be “extremely satisfied” than those who spent less than $ 500 per month.
  3. Most small business owners find SEO providers through referrals, Google searches and online reviews. A small fraction of SEO clients (5%) found their current provider in online advertising.
  4. When it comes to choosing a provider, 74% of business owners consider that the reputation of an SEO provider is “very” or “extremely” important. Monthly costs and the Google provider ranking were also mentioned as important factors.
  5. In contrast, the presence of an agency in social networks and client case studies were considered relatively minor factors in deciding with whom to work.
  6. Most small business owners expect SEO agencies to help them generate immediate growth in their customer base and in the bottom line. More specifically, 876% of our respondents said that SEO providers should be able to help them “access new customers”.
  7. However, most small business owners do not seem to appreciate the ability of a provider to develop a social media network. In fact, only 20% of respondents said it was extremely important to “recruit subscribers to social networking sites.”
  8. The overall satisfaction of SEO clients is decidedly low. Only 30% recommend your current SEO provider to a friend or colleague. However, we found that customer satisfaction among marketing agencies was higher than that of independent professionals.
  9. As expected, customers are very satisfied with the SEO providers that help them generate more traffic and more customers. In addition, 61% of business owners say it is important to “make your brand known”.
  10. The location of an SEO provider also seems to play a key role as to whether the client chooses to work or stay with an SEO agency. 78% of small business owners based in Pakistan consider the location of their supplier as a “very” or “extremely” important factor.
  11. 44% of small business owners abandon their current SEO provider in large part due to their “dissatisfaction with business results”. 34% cite “customer service / responsiveness” as their main reason to leave. Only 21% left because they were initiated by a competitor.
  12. The SEO provider’s turnover is high. 65% of the members of our panel reported working with several different SEO providers. 25% worked with 3 or more providers.

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